Friday, April 1, 2011

Coe & Waito

This evening a friend sent me an image of some ceramics she thought I would be interested in. I looked at it quick through all of my emails and thought of how nice that was of her. Well while I compile my list of the dozens of things I need to do, I realized I had to look at that image again. As I look at it I am inspired by the portrayal of the absolute limitlessness of the ceramic medium. 

The smooth surfaces of the jellyfish compared with the fluid tendrils creates a sense of fluid fragility. The layered thin lines of the tentacles also give the impression of weightlessness. By creating in a well crafted thin fragile nature the artists successfully imitated the surreal nature of jellyfish. This work challenges all ceramic artists to execute with perfection and reminds the ceramic community that clay has many characteristics, all of which have almost no boundary. 

To see more of their work visit:

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