Friday, April 1, 2011

Art & Copy in Context

Art & Copy is an insightful movie that takes a deep look at advertising and it's influencers. It's real focus is more on the creative innovative advertising that changes lives. Interestingly the movie bring about a larger realization that I have been thinking about for some time now that relates to teh success of individuals in the art world.

For the last couple of months I have been submerging myself further into the NY art world and the fine art fair circuit. As a part of this I have seen first hand the fine art business and the idea of constructed worth. Advertising constructs a value on things based on it's marketing and aesthetic promotion. Artist do the same thing, only the brand is themselves, therefore they must construct a manor in which to conduct themselves. Further artists need to construct a value for their art.
     In most occasions the price at which is sold for, does not reflect the actual costs of that art. Artists who are focused on selling come in two types, people who create on a small affordable scale in large numbers, and artists who create larger, more complicated works that sell for more. The artists who create these larger scale works fabricate higher costs to reflect the increased amount of time that they take but let's face it, there is plenty of work that absolutely overpriced. 

This work that is overpriced is the same work that is in all the right locations and it is by artists that are usually well connected. So artists assume they they just know the right people, but what it comes down to is advertising, and constructed worth. These artists make a high price for their work and if it sells, they believe it to be that value, or at least know it will sell for such. These artists are risk takers, but they can mentally surpass their risk by believing in the constructed outcome of their success. 
      How does this relate to Art & Copy? Advertisers create things in which the public comes to believe, but we can create the same things within our own lives. By self proclaiming something in the realm of reality, you can begin to believe it enough, that it comes true. An example in Art & Copy is when Tommy Hillfiger's first large campaign compared him to the most well known clothing industries like Ralph Lauren. Well, now it is true.
     The idea of constructing a worth, or importance within a person is not new, and has given way to some of our top leaders. The same theory can be applied to the artistic industry and the future of your work.  

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